Stretch your hands up to the rack bar, lighten your legs, relax the shoulders and close your eyes for a moment. – Just relax.

The daily life of an office IT talent is thought work and requires good vitality and precise focus. Woolman´s spacious scandinavian designed office takes good care of the staff. The ergonomic Nordic Rack workstations are placed in various places in the office.

the Refreshing Virtual Walk and Shoulder Relaxation Sessions for Video Meetingsrefreshing virtual walk or just relaxed hanging for your shoulders during the video meetings.

“With modern infrastructure, we want to support well-being at work and offer different workstations for the use of our talents. NRO™, upholstered in Finnish birch wood, fits our Scandinavian interior, and its best feature is the rack bar directly above the workstation. The community’s most popular Nordic Rack exercise is to relax your shoulders for a while by hanging. Activating and effective 1-5 minute strength training in the middle of the working day is also part of active everyday life.”