Life has its ups and downs. We call them squats.

Nordic Rack can increase daytime activity and improve stationary ergonomics.

Using the adjustable desk, you can change a remote work station to a power rack and back in a matter of seconds. Doing a quick mid-day workout in between work sessions has never been easier.

The core idea of us is to give more easier opportunities to activate office workers body. No matter if you’re do not like sports or any kind of exercises, only few seconds daily use can make huge difference for well-being.

Use NRO™ in the way that suits you best


  • Daily routine
  • Fast sitting and standing work exchanges
  • Prevents musculoskeletal diseases
  • Improves vitality and concentration
  • The need for floor space is only 120x99cm


  • 3×3 seconds daily
  • NANO recovery *)
  • Hanging relaxes the shoulders nape
  • Relieves pressure from the spine
  • Blood circulation to the brain improves


  • 3×5 seconds daily
  • NANO activation**)
  • Raising the vitality
  • Loads/relaxes the shoulders and nape
  • Relieves pressure from the spine


  • 20-90 minute sessions 2-4 times a week
  • Strength training makes holistic stronger people
  • Better functioning in everyday life, resilience
  • Bone density improves, lower risk get cardiovascular diseases

NANO Recovery

Relax for just a moment, take a break and recover. It’s been researched, that regular breaks in the midst of a busy work day lower stress and increase energy.

NANO Activation

Activate – don’t sweat. Even a 5-10 second activity helps you to stay physically and mentally alert. This can be done by performing low effort activating movements and stretches by utilizing your new work station. Hang on the bar or do a couple of activating squats in between meetings.

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