1. Register Controller

Nordic Rack and Office Oy


Hannikaisenkatu 20 3.krs

40100 Jyväskylä


2. Contact Information

Nordic Rack and Office Oy

Mailing address: Masonmutka 13, 40520 Jyväskylä

Email: info@nordicrackandoffice.fi

Phone number: +358 40 679 5565

Data protection officer: Lauri Hulkkonen

The register is kept within the Nordic Rack and Office Oy information systems.

3. Register Name

Nordic Rack and Office Oy customer, order, billing, marketing and information register.

4. Purpose and Usage of Register

Nordic Rack and Office Oy

The register is maintained for identifying and administering the rights of the personnel of Nordic Rack and Office Oy. The information gathered via contact forms is used for contacting, replying and maintaining customer relationships.

5. Basis for Data Collecting and Processing

Customer information is collected and handled with the agreement of the customer or to fulfill a transaction or contract according to the customers wishes.

6. Register Content

Business name, business ID, email address, phone number or other information submitted via contact form.

7. Conservation of Register

The information contained in the register is kept as long as it is needed to fulfill the agreed transaction or to improve the services provided.

8. Register Data Sources

The data sources used to gather information to the register are directly from the customer, authorities in position to release such information, and Google Analytics with its related services.

9. Release of Data

The register content is not released to 3rd parties without a well-established basis. Some of the services and companies employed by the company might require the use of information outside the EU.

10. Cookie Policy

Cookies are used in our web site and online services to improve and personalize the user experience and to collect data on the number of service users and preferred content.

A cookie can be valid throughout an individual session or for a longer period. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user’s device when visiting an online service via a browser. The saving of cookies can be prevented by changing the browser’s security settings.

However, please note that you may not necessarily be able to use all online service functions without cookies. By using our service, you agree to the handling of your data in accordance with this privacy policy. We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy by publishing a new version online.

It is important to note that the use of cookies might be needed to ensure the proper function of our site and related services.

11. Cookie Policy

All information transfer is done by using a protected SSL connection.

All information stored in an electrical format is protected by firewall, individual usernames, and passwords.

The right to use the data found on the register is given only to the personnel employed by the company who need it to fulfill their work-related tasks.

12. Automated Decision Making

Any automated decisions aren’t made based on the article 22 EU GDPR.

13. Right to Review Register Data and Execution of Right

Each registered person has the right to review their personal data. A written and signed review request should be delivered to the register controller.

The right to review is free of charge if done once a year.

The registered person has the right to call for correction or removal of incorrect information. He has also the right to restrict or object the information processing based on the articles 18 and 21 EU GDPR.

The registered person has the right to cancel his prior consent on processing the submitted information or fail a claim to the appropriate authorities related to the processing of said information.

The registered person also has the right to forbid the use of information for direct marketing purposes.

Cookie policy