The next position is the best position

Nordic Rack And Office™ is a unique modular office desk innovation that prevents problems caused by the immobility of office workers and improves the comfortness of work and work productivity.

The Nordic rack and office™ modular office desk innovation is the perfect answer for the well-being needs of both, companies and employees.

Workstation and Ergonomics

Good ergonomics is a must have in office and remote work. This was one of the driving factors when designing the NRO™ Rack. The wide range of adjustments found in the NRO Rack ensure that you’ll be able to adjust the working position – whether it’s standing or sitting – according to your height and preference. There’s a phrase that’s worth repeating when it comes to working positions: “The next position is the best position”. What this means is that changing the position during the day, or even multiple times a hour is beneficial from a health and mental clarity standpoint, and thus highly encouraged.

This is embodied in the NRO Rack with its ingenious, but still simple design which makes desk height adjustments and the change from one mode to another easy and practical.

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