Get up, stand up, stand up till you rise.

An innovative combination of an office desk and a power rack.

and Improve Stationary Ergonomics.

Steps to fit.

The best picture of the benefits of NRO™ you will get by listening our customers. Many of the results of our development work are the result of honest and sincere feedback from our customers. This is the way we can develop ourselves as efficiently as we develop our customers’ working conditions.



Stretch your hands up to the rack bar, lighten your legs, relax the shoulders and close your eyes for a moment.

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It´s not just about challenging yourself, it´s about challenging everyone else as well.

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Terveystalo is one of the largest medical centers in Finland, a place where the well-being of the staff is taken seriously.

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Project manager Matti Välitalo’s back has been operated several times over the years.

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and Ergonomics

Good ergonomics is a must have in office and remote work. This was one of the driving factors when designing the NRO Rack. The wide range of adjustments found in the NRO Rack ensure that you’ll be able to adjust the working position – whether it’s standing or sitting – according to your height and preference. There’s a phrase that’s worth repeating when it comes to working positions: “The next position is the best position”. What this means is that changing the position during the day, or even multiple times a hour is beneficial from a health and mental clarity standpoint, and thus highly encouraged.

Life has its ups and downs.
We call them squats.

Nordic Rack can increase daytime activity and improve stationary ergonomics.

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