The NEW ERA of the ergonomic and inspiring business traveling – The Folks Hotel

The morning starts with pleasant music, some light stretches, and a few repetitions on a bodyweight squat that opens and warms up the whole lower body. A cup of coffee, and nice breakfast – the ideal preparation for a productive workday!

New places and new people – sounds, smells, and tastes – focus our attention and make us stop to enjoy the moment. The experiences granted by traveling change our characters, view of the world, and us as human beings in general.

Vallila located in Helsinki – a former suburb, and nowadays a centre of urban life – calls to experience the city in an unprecedented way. The Pasila industrial area offers plenty of attractions to keep one interested for several hours. Add to that the collection of modern restaurants, and bars found in the area. In the midst of all this, one can find the Folks Hotel Konepaja.

The Folks Hotel Konepaja thrives with the surrounding energy that is prevalent in this part of the city. The central location with its many attaractions make it an ideal choice for families as well as for business travelers. The Folks hotel has a wide selection of cabinets for meeting, and the restaurant Albina ensures that the guests are served with food of their choice. A gym – equipped with Sauna, of course – ensure that the Folks hotel ranks among the top when it comes to health-concious accommodation options. During the summer time, the guests can enjoy a roof terrace that is known as Alexis.

“The strive for better service In the Folks Hotel Konepaja is ongoing. The cooperation with Nordic Rack has been received in a very positive manner. People who travel a lot value privacy, and ergonomics highly. The possibility of getting some much-needed movement NANO-dosed throghout the day without the need to leave the room has been welcomed with open arms”, says Aki Keskitalo, the CEO of Folks Hotels Oy.

The Nordic Rack found in the room of of Folks Hotel can be transformed from a workstation to a lifting rack within seconds! This enables the quest to perform a light exercise bout, or a full-blown serious strength training session whenever it fits his or hers schedule. A good workday is tipped with the Genelec speakers found in the room which are 2nd to none in all aspects.

Welcome to the Folks Hotel Konepaja – inspiration is allow when staying with us