Relax for a moment – Crazy Town Tampere

Lift your arms up, place your hands on the bar, and lift your legs off from the floor. Close your eyes, breathe, and simply relax.

Coworking Crazy Town is a spacious office in the heart of the lively city of Tampere. Crazy Town operates in six different cities around the country with the aim of providing a class-leading working environment for companies in different stages of development. In the middle of the spectacular office space there resides SHALA room which was established in cooperation with ELO Fennia. In the SHALA space, there’s a Nordic Rack workstation that’s in regular use.

Stationery office work places high demands on the neck and shoulder musculature – something that everyone can most likely attest to, but it’s also proven by research. By using the Nordic Rack workstation, one can easily intercept the workday with brief bursts of movement and relaxation. Just a few seconds of movement performed at or close range of motion promotes circulation, alertness and perceived mood state.

“With the help of modern infrastructure, we want to support well-being at work by providing different types of workstations. Nordic Rack is a perfect fit for our environment with its Scandinavian design and appearance. Probably the best part about it is the chin-up bar which can be used easily to get some much-needed movement and stretching throughout the workday. The most popular use of the Nordic Rack workstation among the Crazy Town members is simply hanging from the bar – just a few seconds will bring the feeling of relaxation like nothing else. Besides that, the time-efficient barbell movements are also part of the daily routine among the members of Crazy Town people,” says Annika Kartano, Community and marketing manager from Crazy Town.

Photos: Jussi Jokinen