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“How working from the office helped recover from knee surgery , Aki Soudunsaari, Founder Naava.
Aki had knee surgery at end of 2021 and he used Nordic Rack workstation in his recovery process at the Naava HQ office, Helsinki. He used a biology-first approach and nano exercises at the #office
Here’s the Aki´s healing process story:
Summer 2020: “I tore my PCL, a fairly severe knee injury, playing beach volleyball. At first, I tried passive treatment which didn’t work so it had to be operated in November. 
As an important sidenote, I want to thank #Finland’s public healthcare system for being so wonderful. I was taken care of with such competence and empathy. Not to mention the cost of the entire thing: a whopping 124€!
So, back to the story…
I wrote my Sports and Health science thesis ( https://lnkd.in/dWmXEVzp ) about workplace physical activity and wellbeing services, and one of the findings was that physical activity should take place near one’s workplace. Timing also matters. Since most people can’t work out during the workday, exercise should be timed right before or after work.
However, we all know that if you have to make an extra effort to commute in order to exercise, you’ll probably do it more rarely – or never. On the other hand, if the place where you exercise is easily accessible, the odds are that you go there more often.
So, what if you didn’t have to leave the office to hit the gym?
The gym you see in the picture below/above is actually by my desk. Or to be more precise: the gym is the desk.
This I is an entirely unique solution developed by #Jyväskylä-based Nordic Rack and Office ( https://lnkd.in/d9MQ7xTC ). The company has come up with a perfect solution for busy professionals stuck in an office all day: a high-quality squat rack and chin-up bar functioning as an adjustable office desk. 
Just imagine: working out while typing away, coupled with a Naava in the background to provide fresh air and natural scenery with a biophilic impact. 
How’s that for improving your physical and mental wellbeing? Add into the mix Genelec speakers and you’re set!
Ok then. What can we learn from all this?
By following biology-first principles you can stay active during workdays, and get enough movement to your spine and neck. This also helps avoid the overuse of the same muscles and ligaments, which over time causes discomfort and strain on the body. Constant movement gets the blood flowing and activates the body and the brain. Increased cerebral blood flow improves cognition and concentration. Right, Arto Pesola 🪑🚶🚲👟?
The desk #gym is one ideal way to get you to solve problems, connect the dots, and find creative solutions. It certainly worked for me!
Let’s all embrace a biology-first approach to everything; from #design to #health, from homes to office settings.”

Published with Aki´s permission. Thank you Aki for the inspiring post.

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