Compact time saving – remote work station

Once COVID struck in 2020, most people at Nordic Business Forum transitioned to remote work. Frequent visits to the gym was also reduced, especially in the beginning of the pandemic. The lack of exercise combined with an unergonomic work-station at home started manifesting by a worsening posture and lower back pain. In the summer of 2021 I found the Nordic Rack. Since then, I’ve been working with the combination of a rack and working desk by Nordic Rack and Office.

The compact Nordic Rack fits well to our urban home apartment. I’ve been able to easily incorporate breaktime exercises by replacing my evening exercise with lunch- and coffee break exercises. This routine gives me well needed extra hours to take care of my family. Additionally, the mid-day workouts spares me from afternoon fogginess, which generally hits after lunch.

Nordic Rack embodies important values for me – Finnish origin, high quality and ecological thinking. I chose Finnish birch as the table material, as it blends well with our furnishing.

-Saara Juvonen, Nordic Business Forum