Active studying at Gradia

In Gradia, the health and well-being of students is pivotal. Nordic Rack primes learning by keeping students active, and allowing brief bouts of nano-recovery!

Gradia, a part of the education network of Jyväskylä, revolutionnizes learnning and how work is being done. Gradia has the goal of creating a platform that allows learning and development for students, as well as for entrepreuners. The innovative campus is known for it’s open-mindendess and not being afraid taking the role of a pioneer.

The Nordic Rack has been in use for three months on a pilot project that took place in the Gradia campus. The goal of the cooperation was to gain experiences how students could use the Nordic Rack to set the best conditions for learning. The Nordic Rack has been in active use in the Gradia media department. It has also found its way to the graphic design deparment, and it’s been also used in photography studies.

Brief exercise-focused rest periods within the study day improve the ability to concentrate. Light squats, and using the full range of motion on every major joint of the body keep arousal level high, and create the conditions for sharp, and fast thinking.

“Highly-developed motor abilities, and above average strenght levels are associatied with good working memory, and mathematical thinking.”

The line above is a direct quote from a study published by Likes in 9/2021, says teacher Maria Koski. The full study can be found on Likes’ web page.

The pilot between Nordic Rack and Gradia will continue till spring 2022. We will be raporting about the results later – stay tuned!

Photos: Polina Artemenko