Better work life - a Better life

Nordic Rack is an innovative combination of an office desk and a power rack.

Nordic Rack can increase daytime activity and improve stationary ergonomics.

Using the adjustable desk, you can change a remote work station to a power rack and back in a matter of seconds. Doing a quick mid-day workout in between work sessions has never been easier.

Why Nordic Rack?

NANO Recovery

Relax for just a moment, take a break and recover. It's been researched, that regular breaks in the midst of a busy work day lower stress and increase energy.

Saving time

Nordic Rack saves a lot of time, as you won't be needing to transition from your work station to the gym. For instance, during a 30min lunch brake you'll be able to do a quick efficient workout instead of having to go to the gym. You'll be safe at home without increasing the carbon footprint by commuting to a gym.

NANO Activation

Activate – don't sweat. Even a 5-10 second activity helps you to stay physically and mentally alert. This can be done by performing low effort activating movements and stretches by utilizing your new work station. Hang on the bar or do a couple of activating squats in between meetings.

Efficient use of space

Thanks to the functional structures of Nordic Rack, you can work ergonomically as well as workout only utilizing a small amount of space.

Workstation and Ergonomics

Good ergonomics is a must have in office and remote work. This was one of the driving factors when designing the NRO Rack. The wide range of adjustments found in the NRO Rack ensure that you’ll be able to adjust the working position – whether it’s standing or sitting – according to your height and preference. There’s a phrase that’s worth repeating when it comes to working positions: “The next position is the best position”. What this means is that changing the position during the day, or even multiple times a hour is beneficial from a health and mental clarity standpoint, and thus highly encouraged.

This is embodied in the NRO Rack with its ingenious, but still simple design which makes desk height adjustments and the change from one mode to another easy and practical.

For fully-fledged workouts or breaks in between work

In addition to a versatile workstation, we wanted Nordic Rack to be suitable for exercise during work breaks. For instance, hanging on the chin-up bar keeps you warmed up, not to mention keeping the shoulder joint area and upper back moving and supple. After a day of sitting at work, the situation is typically the opposite, as back posture resembles a question mark when viewed from the side.

Being able to hang on the bar even for short periods of the day makes a difference in the long run. There are various large scale and long term benefits, try it out for yourself.

Designed and produced in Finland – responsibly

By utilizing Finnish professional know-how and a short supply chain, we can ensure the excellent quality, fast delivery time and a large stock of all NRO-products. The desk is carefully crafted from Finnish wood. As the Nordic Rack combines two different utilities, only producing one product (instead of two seperate products) helps mitigate increasing carbon footprint.

Order yours now and get to enjoy the benefits of the Nordic Rack – in working as training – already by the next week of ordering!